Detective Steven Hansen

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Child Trafficker Profile: Detective Steven Hansen

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Meridian Police Detective Steven Hansen Badge # 3534
(This is evil and wicked animal who ripped Baby Cyrus out of Marissa's arms. He is the actual KIDNAPPER.)

Watch Clinical Sociopath Steven Hansen at Work:

You can watch the entire overview above, or you can skip to 4:56 where Clinical Sociopath, Detective Steve Hansen takes over and threatens to harm Baby Cyrus if Marissa doesn't give him over. He also tells Marissa to "give the baby to the EMT and you can go on your merry way." He ultimately has Marissa arrested for not allowing him to kidnap Baby Cyrus!
Full exposé coming soon…
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Clinical Sociopath Detective Steven Hansen writes on his hand that he is preventing child abuse. The truth is that clinical sociopath Steven Hansen is a child trafficker. He was filmed threatening to harm Baby Cyrus if his mother Marissa did not give him up to the EMT even after Marissa was promised that she could go with Baby Cyrus and would not be separated.

Detective Steven Hansen is a textbook sociopath. He is armed and dangerous and is a particular threat to small children.
Detective Hansen enjoys looking at little girls, apparently:
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Detective Steven Hansen

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