Proof St. Luke's Performs Mutilates the Genitals of Minors (Performs Sex Changes on Children)

Original video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odjnGcmla70

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Proof St. Luke's Performs Sex Changes on Children

St. Luke's Children's Hospital webpage is still advertising minor hormone therapy and sex change surgeries. This video gives proof.

Here is a link to one of St. Lukes Hospital pages advertising transgender surgeries and hormone therapy for minors: https://www.stlukesonline.org/communities-and-locations/facilities/clinics/st-lukes-childrens-essence-clinic

Also here: https://www.stlukesonline.org/health-services/service-groups/lgbtqia-health-care

Idaho passed a law that made both minor hormone therapy and child sex change surgeries illegal. However, that Idaho law does not go into effect until 2024. I guess all the children until then are sacrificial lambs to St. Lukes Hospital Executives.

Here are some links to 3rd party news article listing St. Luke's hospital as one of only 13 hospitals in America known to perform gender mutilation surgeries on minor children:

These are the Doctors at the Essence Clinic:

St. Luke's is very embarrassed that the public has found out that they are one of only 13 hospitals that performs sex change surgery on minor children, and they also offer all of the other damaging "treatments" that cause permanent damage to minors like: puberty blockers, and other artificial hormone treatment.

So, St. Luke's has removed their pictures and information from their website. But fear not, we have the screenshots! Below are the screenshots from the St. Luke's Essence Clinic website before St. Luke's removed them due to embarrassment in the community:
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To see the entire screenshot of the entire page, simply click here:
St. Luke's Essence Clinic Screenshot (before St. Luke's took it down)
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