St. Luke's Sponsors Gay Pride Parade's and Drag Queen Shows

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St. Luke's Sponsors Gay Pride Parade's and Drag Queen Shows and Child/Minor/Underage Sexual Exploitation:

St. Luke's Hospital has been a sponsor of "gay pride" events in Idaho for years. This year, in 2022, it was particularly egregious as they were sponsoring the sexual deviancy of minor children by having them perform perverted acts on stage as if they were "drag queens."

You can see St. Luke's sponsorship below:
Gay Pride Boise
Remember, St. Luke's is a non-profit organization that does not pay taxes like typical corporations even though they rake in millions of dollars every year from government subsidies and insurance payouts. This means that your insurance premiums and your taxes are now going to support the sexually immoral and deviant lifestyles of perverts:
Drag Kids On Stage
Presenting sexually immoral or suggestive content to minors is a crime in Idaho. However, St. Luke's is actively and financially promoting the sexual corruption of your children. These are all facts that cannot be disputed.

Idaho State Statue § 18-1507:
"(2) A person commits sexual exploitation of a child if he knowingly and willfully:
(a) Possesses or accesses through any means including, but not limited to, the internet, any sexually exploitative material; or
(b) Causes, induces or permits a child to engage in, or be used for, any explicit sexual conduct for the purpose of producing or making sexually exploitative material; or
(c) Promotes, prepares, publishes, produces, makes, finances, offers, exhibits or advertises any sexually exploitative material; or
(d) Distributes through any means including, but not limited to, mail, physical delivery or exchange, use of a computer or any other electronic or digital method, any sexually exploitative material. Distribution of sexually exploitative material does not require a pecuniary transaction or exchange of interests in order to complete the offense.
The disgusting video above is a sample of the type of content viewed at the Boise Pride Festival that St. Luke's sponsors (this video is from their own promotional website). The Holland and Hart Law Firm, who is the law firm in charge of this lawsuit against Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez, is also a sponsor of this sexual perversion.
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